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Dear Friend,

My name is Mani. I love collecting and watching Indian masala movies. I have been recording movies from the late night TVs and video parlours from 4 years now. Sometime my friend who owns a video parlour gives me the latest and rare adult and masala movies too.

Watching Shakeela get her boobs pressed and Reshma getting naked really makes me hot. I enjoy many nights of pleasure with these movies and now want to share them with you. I thght a lot about which would be the best way to share my collection with you and allow you to download the hot masala movies.

I tried uploading in a free site but because I have so much of movies (almost 300 GB), they did not allow me to upload it all. I also tried to upload in Rapidshare but it is very difficult for indian surfers to download from there.

I really did not know what to do... I have movies like the one below with me and did not know how to share them.

Movie Loading...

I then got an idea of starting one website of my own and uploading the movies there. This will make it easy for me to upload and also for all of you to download the movies. But I could not make it free as I have to pay for server hosting and movies download bandwidth.

So I made a group of members who will join my website and will be able to access the website and download all the movies. Also, if you want any specific movie, just let me know and I will upload it for you from my collection.

On my website I now have Ass exposure, Cleavage show, Wet exposure, Boob Press, Bikini/Panty, Bra and navel show, rare scenes, kiss and smooch scenes, mix masala and also latest and yesteryears adult clips.

If you also want to be member of my site please join by using the link at bottom of page.

Latest Update On Site

Some members wanted to tell about the site - so I posted their comments here.

“I am so glad I found this site after searching on the internet for masala clips for so long. Thanks mani for sharing your collection with us” - P.K.

“Shakeela vido make me very horny. I want to download more movie from your site. Please let me know if you have movie ‘Nishagandhi’. I like watching movie in your site.” - Rakesh

“Mani, thank you for getting the Kajol boobs pressed clipping for me. I enjoyed it very much. When are you uploading the new videos?” - Mrugesh Iyer

Ass Exposure
Cleavage show
Wet Exposure
Boob Press

Bra and Navel show
Rare scenes
Kiss and smooch scenes
Mix masala

What you will get on my site?

* All the complete collections of Masala Movies from India
* Request for any clip you want, I will upload it
* Updating of site 4 times a week
* Only real indian movies from India
* Famous indian actress like Kajol and Mallika Sherawat boobs press and expose scenes
* Adult movies from the video houses in India (NOT SEEN ON NET!!!)
* Movies of Shakeela, Reshma, Sindhu - all the famous stars


How can you join the site and become a member?

To upload the movies on the site and let members download them I have to rent a server. I pay the server rent with collections from the members of my site.

So to join the site is very simple. Just click on any of the button below and you will be taken to the signup page. You can pay via your credit card. It will charge you 49.95$ 29.95$ a month (that is less than 1$ for one day!)

Sign-up Form
Sign-Up Form  


P.S. First I was charging 49.95$ per month, but now I have reduced the price to only 29.95$.

P.P.S. Please note that to keep the speed of the server fast, I am only accepting a minimum number of new members. So please signup fast if you want to join, otherwise you might not be able to get in. This has been requested by current members, so I am sorry I cannot do anything once memberships close - so hurry!

If you want to go and check out the preview of the site before you become a member you can go to

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